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Losing a tooth is hard for everyone. Missing teeth can make it difficult to eat and can cause discomfort in various situation. Some common solutions to replace missing tooth are not always satisfactory remedies. In such a case dental implants may be a solution.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are metal posts or frames that are surgically positioned into the jawbone gums. Once in place, it allows the dentist to mount a replacement tooth onto it. The material used in most of the cases is titanium which is well accepted by a living organism.

When are dental implants recommended?

  1. When one or more teeth are missing
  2. When a row of teeth is missing
  3. In case of total absence of teeth

What are the advantages of dental implants?

  1. It feels more natural and comfortable than conventional bridges or dentures. Furthermore it offers a very stable, secure fit and is perfectly aesthetic.
  2. Other advantage of the implants is that no adjacent teeth needs to be sacrificed for your new replacement tooth/teeth in place.
  3. Can be used for patients for whom ordinary bridges and dentures are simply not comfortable or even possible due to psychological or anatomical reasons.

Steps of the procedure

  1. Preliminary medical examinations: Dental checkup, medical check-up, x-ray or/and CT, general blood test.
  2. Consulting and planning with the dentist
  3. Local anesthetic and surgical procedure in order to place the implants
  4. Preparing temporary replacement tooth/teeth
  5. Time of recovery about three months to allow the bone to grow around the implants and anchor them securely
  6. Reopening the gum to attach metal posts
  7. Making permanent tooth/teeth replacement
  8. Regular dental checkup

Diode Soft Laser

In dentistry and oral surgery we use lasers with different wavelengths. There are numerous advantages to use them, especially in a surgery in a part of the body which has high blood supply. The Diode Soft Lasers are members of the new generation of lasers that emerged in the last couple of years. They have became a mobile, compact, efficient and reliable piece of surgical equipment over the years. After a periodontitis treatment they have a bactericidal and anti-inflammation effect. Using the laser in a surgery has other benefits like speeding up wound healing. It is widely accepted by professionals that the laser generated heat is beneficial for dental and oral surgery treatment since it reduces germ numbers.

Diode Laser is being used in the fields of:

  • dental implants
  • root treatment
  • surgery (Gingivectomy)
  • periodontitis
  • apicoectomy
  • whitening
  • thrush or herpes treatment

The advantages of Diode laser:

  • reducing bleeding
  • shorter healing period
  • patient's comfort
  • accessibility after surgery

Soft laser

Soft laser is being used:

  • to avoid swelling after surgery
  • to treat thrush and herpes
  • to treat haematoma

Piezo surgery

This ultrasound device works by resonating the bones gently (like a dental plaque treatment) which makes it a useful device to perform a complicated surgery such as removing broken roots or an implantation. It’s great advantage is that due to it’s high precision which guarantees that no excess bone is removed. The bone is not fractured, rather chipped away by small amounts and this can be used for filling other areas (mixed with bone replacement materials) where a bone need is present for example. This allows implantation in areas where previously there was not enough bone tissue for an implant.

A surgery performed by a Piezo equipment results in minimal blood loss therefore it reduces post surgery pains and accelerates healing. This allows further procedures to be started earlier. With the help of the device the soft tissues will remain intact giving an advantage to a procedure where the place of the surgery is close to nerves, blood vessels or in case a sinus lift has to be performed. With this method the chance of complications are reduced.

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