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Tooth replacement

t is important in all cases to substitute missing tooth in order to recover the former chewing capacity and to protect the remaining tooth. Replacing missing tooth is done by fixed or removable prosthetic devices.

Fixed prosthetic devices

Can only be done if there is a sufficient number of teeth with adequate position in the mouth.

a) crown

If a tooth is heavily damaged and can not be repaired with a filling then a crown should be used. This will require us to grind the tooth using local anesthesia and plentiful water cooling to make the procedure more gentle. When finished we take an imprint of the surface of the tooth which gives enough information for the dental technician to prepare the crown within a week. During that period we use a temporary crown to preserve the tooth and to avoid over-sensitivity.

The material of the crown may be:

  • metal-ceramic
  • ceramic (porcelain)
  • plastic (only for temporary purposes)

b) bridge

A bridge is needed when replacing a tooth. This requires us to prepare the neighbouring teeth for the replacement. The replacement is similar to the crown.

A rögzített pótlások élettartamát is nagyban befolyásolja a megfelelő szájápolás. Amennyiben az íny állapota megfelelő, a beragasztott koronák és hidak évtizedekig szolgálhatják gazdájukat. Az általunk elkészített fix pótlásokra évenkénti kontroll mellett 5 év garanciát vállalunk.

The life expectancy of the fixed replacement is heavily influenced by the quality of the oral care. If the gum remains healthy the fixed crowns and bridges can last decades.

Removable prosthetic devices

a) full denture

  • in case there are no more teeth left

b) partial denture

  • fixed with precision
    • sliding structures
    • push-button anchorage
  • telescopic anchorage
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