Continuous development is the cornerstone of our strategy besides the maintaining the professional heritage. State grants - apart from using our own funds - have been helping the development of our company since 2002. Today a large percentage of our income comes from dental tourism. To assure the highest quality of service Radix Ltd, the owner of Schindler Dent operates the most modern diagnostics equipment while the staff works using latest treatments and infrastructure.

Kutatas StockIn order to facilitate dental tourism in the region our company has initiated a Cluster with our partners. The short and medium term goals of Radix Ltd are to open up new opportunities for research in the field of dental tissue engineering and implantology, which are one of the most promising areas of dental research. The long term goal of Radix Ltd is to develop and bring cutting edge technologies into the market that result in a leading product and service portfolio in the field of implantology on an international level. To achieve these Radix Ltd is focusing on setting up an experimental chemistry laboratory in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine of the Science University of Szeged. The laboratory will serve as a base for running our projects and doing research in collaboration with members of the Goodwill Cluster. The laboratory will help Schindler Dent by developing synthetic bone replacement materials.

In May 2011 Radix Ltd founded the he “Smile” South-Alföld Dental, Health Tourism and Innovation Cluster which brings together SMEs working in the field of dentistry, implantology, dental commerce and tourism in the region. The medium and long term goals of the Cluster are to foster the development and market introduction of jointly developed products and services. The practice of Dr Árpád Schindler conducts research with several established research institutes and professionals. The first phase of this research was launched jointly with the “Smile” South-Alföld Dental, Health Tourism and Innovation Cluster, coordinated by Radix Ltd.