Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Radix Ltd hereby informs visitors to the pages of about data collected through the website and processed by Radix Ltd, the principles and procedures of data processing, and the ways and possibilities data subjects have to exercise their rights.

Radix Ltd established its data processing procedures according to the statutory instruments in force with special regard to the following:

  • Act No LXIII of 1992 on protection of personal data and disclosure of data of public interest (Act on data protection).
  • Act No CVIII of 2001 on certain aspects of electronic commerce and information society services (Act on E-Commerce).

The range of data subjects

Radix Ltd collects data on its website only if visitors decide to disclose data during registration or subscribing to the newsletter.

Visitors give their name and e-mail address during registration and when subscribing to the newsletter.

By disclosing their data visitors consent to Radix Ltd recording and processing the disclosed data.

The purpose of the data processing

  • doing market research, market analysis,
  • producing statistics,
  • providing information on the services of Radix Ltd and marketing campaigns via e-mail or other ways.

Use and transfer of the data

Radix Ltd uses the above mentioned data disclosed by visitors only for the above mentioned purpose. Radix Ltd is entitled to transfer the data for processing only to the technical staff operating the website.

Exercising of data subject rights

Visitors who register to the website or subscribe to the newsletter are entitled to request information about their personal data processed by Radix Ltd any time. They are also entitled to request correction or modification of this data - or even deletion unless it is restricted by law.

Clients can lodge their requests either by unsubscribing to the newsletter or by sending a letter to the headquarters of Radix Ltd, namely 6400 Kiskunhalas, Dékáni Árpád u. 11. Hungary will provide the requested information within the shortest possible time, but not later than within 30 days of lodging of the request.

Electronic newsletters and other advertisements of Radix Ltd are sent to those clients who previously gave their consent to receiving electronic newsletters. Our clients are entitled to forbid Radix Ltd from sending further newsletters by clicking on the unsubscribing link at the bottom of newsletters.

Please note that if clients wish to forbid Radix Ltd from sending further e-mail newsletters, they must unsubscribe from all the e-mail addresses they had previously given.

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