Our practice and Radix Ltd has a extensive professional network on a regional and national level both in dental care and R&D:

  • Petz Aladár Hospital
  • West Hungarian Tissue Bank
  • Hungarian Dental Turism Delelopment Program
  • University of Szeged Faculty of Medicine
  • Hungarian Academy of Sciences KFKI AEMI

Radix Ltd is also in cooperation with the following Health Funds:

  • AXA Health Fund
  • Új Pillér Health Fund
  • Honvéd Health Fund
  • Allianz Hungária Health Fund
  • Vit – Vitamin Health Fund
  • Pajzs Health Fund
  • K&H Medicina Health Fund
  • OTP Health Fund
  • Uniqa Health Fund
  • ADOSZT Health Fund
  • Aranykor Health Fund
  • Medismart Health Fund
  • Ticket Wellness Health Fund
  • Vasutas Health Fund
  • MKB Health Fund
  • Talizmán Health Fund
  • Erste-Harmónia Health Fund
  • TEMPO MOL Health Fund

Our work is also helped by two pharmacies: the Arany Oroszlán Patika and the Kertvárosi Patika.

We also operate the “Smile” South-Alföld Dental, Health Tourism and Innovation Cluster which has the following members:

  • Zero Fetus Ltd
  • Fog Plus Ltd
  • Corona-Vidia Ltd
  • Alfa Omega Dent Ltd
  • EM Csoport Nonprofit Ltd
  • Dóm Dent Ltd
  • Csipke Hotel Ltd
  • Sóstó Fürdő Idegenforgalmi Ltd
  • Knáb-N Ltd

Also the regional German minority newspaper The Pavillon is supported by Radix Ltd.