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Main Dr SchindlerI am Dr. Árpád Schindler the head of Schindler Dent and the Managing Director of Radix Ltd. First of all of let me thank you for visiting our website. We believe that developing a long term relationship based on mutual trust is the key to find a solution to your dental issue.

I am sure we would all agree on the utmost importance of physical and mental health as well as aesthetic look regardless of any age. With the help of our general and cosmetic dentistry and implantology services you can make a big step towards both health and look. As we all know healthy tooth not only results in a bright smile but it contributes to a healthy digestion as well as to one’s self-confidence. I believe the proverb “Sound mind in a sound body” is especially true when talking about dental health.

Tradition and innovation

The company was founded by my father, Dr. József Schindler in 1990. More then two decades have passed since but our philosophy remains unchanged. Quality, precision, long term trust and introducing the latest technologies are the values defining our work. While preserving the family and professional heritage we pay a great deal of attention to innovation. In 2008 our practice moved to a new, high quality building which also allowed us to develop our services and take on new colleagues with dental hygiene experience. Besides our investments we also harness grants to improve our services year by year. As a result our colleagues speak both English and German.

Technology and science

We have spent decades making our patients satisfied that they leave us with a beautiful smile on their face. The infrastructural development that we have done, including the high-end diagnostics devices, the C.B. C.T. (panoramic X-ray), the CEREC device - which allows the on-the-spot manufacturing of ceramic crowns and fillings - and the brand new dental milling and scanner system that can digitize dental planning allows us to achieve that. These facilities contribute to faster services therefore shortening treatment times for patients. Implantology is a key service to our practice that is why my colleagues and I feel that we have to posses the latest professional knowledge. Therefore we have trained to use the latest technologies and the know-how (I am a doctor of dental and oral diseases, Master of Implantology, University of Munster). We also have been conducting our own R&D projects working with suppliers, universities and research institutes in the field of implantology for years now.

Please have a look at our website and contact us if any of our services might be of interest to you!

Dr. Árpád Schindler